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Kris_doorThe Paralegal Group, LLC is a trusted and professional legal support firm providing a wide range of exceptional services to law firms, corporations, businesses and the general public.

The Paralegal Group, LLC is a female-owned small business, established in 2007.  Our paralegals and support staff provide services to law firms, corporations and businesses, not only in New Mexico, but throughout the United States as the company has expanded and enjoys continuous growth.

Krisann Quintana is the President of The Paralegal Group, LLC. Krisann began her career in the legal profession in 1978, and has had the privilege of working with many top trial attorneys in the areas of mass tort, medical malpractice, personal injury, family law, insurance defense, and oil and gas litigation. In addition, she has extensive experience in office administration, office management and litigation management. In 2007, Krisann established The Paralegal Group, LLC with the idea and goal of providing a "win-win" situation for law firms and businesses requiring part-time paralegal support without the overhead, with experienced paralegals who can provide quality work product with minimum supervision.

Ron Quintana is the Vice President and CFO of The Paralegal Group, LLC.  With a background as a financial analyst, Ron brings dedicated service and exceptional qualifications to the business side of the company.   

"The service is extraordinary, timely, professional, confidential and trustworthy. What else can I say!"
- Turner W. Branch, Sr. Partner, Branch Law Firm
“Krisann has successfully and enthusiastically partnered her years of legal experience with the needs of today's attorneys and legal community.  Her enthusiasm for getting the job done timely and accurately is an asset no organization can afford to go without!”
- JoAnne Vigil Coppler, Santa Fe County District Court Clerk, Retired
"The most comprehensive and well-designed summaries I have read!  The summaries are well-organized and easy to read.  I have had at least 5 others summarize depositions and The Paralegal Group's deposition summaries are by far the best I have ever read!  They prepare me for my depositions and I rarely need to read pages in the actual deposition to clarify a point."
- Anonymous, Obstetric Nursing Expert